Das elektrische Zitherspiel

Das Elektrische Zitherspiel, 2022
Soundsculpture by Samuel Tschudin
Tuning by Deirdre O’Leary & Samuel Tschudin
Photos: Deirdre O’Leary

In the Garden of the Gallery City SALTS, an immersive sound work by the Basel-based artists Deirdre O’Leary and Samuel Tschudin was presented. The duo arranged a special tuning of the 108 stringed instrument, working with the momentum of the repetitive as dissolution. The meandering sound of the instrument harmonised with the natural cityscape along the Birs inviting visitors to a unique listening experience. They created an atmosphere in which the visitors immersed themselves within the garden and explored th soundscape anew. The intervention was met with curiosity opening up an inner space for resonance and reflection.

deirdre o’leary

Born in Fribourg Switzerland, living and working in Basel Switzerland.


Deirdre O’Leary, Studio
Klybeckstrasse 141
, 4057 Basel



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