«A leaf a gourd

a shell a net a sling a sac

a bottle a pot a box a container.

A holder. A recipient.»

Ursula K. Le Guin, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, 1986

vessels (ws)

Vessels Workshop within the Exhibition Rainbag, Ausstellungsraum
Klingenthal, Basel
Concept: Deirdre O’Leary, Anka Helfertová, Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård, Robert Lakomczyk, Shelley Tootell, 
Photos: Deirdre O’Leary, Moritz Schermbach

The Vessels Workshop within the exhibition Rainbag at Ausstellungsraum Klingenthal, Basel. Through reading, conversing and making vessels and containers, we explored materials that dealth with our relationship to technology. In addition to the kind of tools that concentrate force - the hard, pointed, and sharp - we expandes our definition to include the kinds of tools that carry and contain; the soft, the hollow. The practice of storytelling, and language itself, can also be conceived of as receptive tool, carrying meaning and emotions. The material outcomes of the workshop was integrated into the exhibition. They were assembled on a (fog) net, a device that collects humidity from fog in dry environments - tiny droplets condensate and are collected in containers as pure drinking water. Here, it acts as a receptacle for whatever objects emerged and condensate from our collective making session.

deirdre o’leary

Born in Fribourg Switzerland, living and working in Basel Switzerland.


Deirdre O’Leary, Studio
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