Inventing an Interval
on the 8th of May 2014,
43°0'2N 41°0'1E

Film, 2014
The second short film shot during the research project in the Southern Caucasus is
entitled Inventing an interval on the 8th of May 2014 43°0’2N 41°0’1E. The Abkhasian town of Sukhum/i on the Black Sea was a flourishing holiday resort in Soviet times. Today it is the quiet center of a disputed region; for some, a renegade part of Georgia, for others, the capital of an independent Abkhazia. The short film was shot in an inactive military Sanatorium built by the Black Sea. The title is the metrical location of the time and place when the images were drawn by light on the celluloid film.

deirdre o’leary

Born in Fribourg Switzerland, living and working in Basel Switzerland.


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