Causal Loops / Time Squiggles

Publication by Fondazione Antonio Ratti
Editor: Gregorio Magnani
Published by Compagnia
Causal Loops/Time Squiggles* is a publication collecting work created by students and tutors at the XXV CSAV Artists’ Research Laboratory from the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, Italy. The laboratory is an experimental platform designed to provoke formal and informal discussions and exchanges among artists of different generations and nationalities, run collaboratively in 2019 by Ei Arakawa, Kasper König and Nora

The blue of the cover references Lake Como, the location of the workshop and a strong influence on much of the work produced. The pattern was found by the artists within the Foundation’s archives, and this is juxtaposed with a scan of the Plan of The Raft of the Medusa/at the moment of its being abandoned crashing and emerging from the water on both inside covers. The artists’ exploration of future and past effects on their work is translated in several ways within the publication. From the tiled cover layout, to the ever moving placement of page numbers. With contributions by Stefan Klein, Edoardo Manzoni, Amos Cappuccio, Pietro Bonfanti, Paulo Wirz, Daniel Jablonski,
Ilan Bachl, March Buchy, Eleni Wittbrodt, Tomas Nervi, Laura Leppert, Wesley Larios, Alan Segal, Michael Meier, Douna Lim / Théo Pesso and Violette Maillard / Letizia Calori.

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deirdre o’leary

Born in Fribourg Switzerland, living and working in Basel Switzerland.


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