Super 8 Film, transferred to HD video
In collaboration with the organization Art as Foundation, based in Zurich, a group of invited artists investigated the effects and opportunities of art and creative expression in coping with trauma and the process of reconciliation. In 2014, after a stay in Tbilisi, Georgia we moved on to Sukhum/I the capital of Abkhazia. With the support of the Russian government, Abkhazia had declared independence from Georgia in 1993 provoking a brief war ending in a stalemate situation. Today, under Russian protection, Abkhazia is slowly recovering from this persistent, frozen conflict. The film Puma was shot in the garden of a decommissioned nuclear research center of the Soviet Union located in the outskirts of Sukhum/i. We enter a dream-like space of intense colors, a space that is composed through the montage of the film, which appears almost more physical than the represented landscape.

deirdre o’leary

Born in Fribourg Switzerland, living and working in Basel Switzerland.


Deirdre O’Leary, Studio
Klybeckstrasse 141
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